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Offerings with Lesley
  • Soulful Motion

  • Nurtured Harmony:  Yoga & Sound

  • Tranquil Vibrations

Soulful Motion

Enhance your well-being with gentle, meditative movement and somatic practices catered to you and your needs. 

60 min 1:1 yoga - $75

Nurtured Harmony: 
Yoga & Sound

Reconnect with your body and mind through gentle movement and somatic practice, followed by a deeply relaxing sound bath meditation. Let the soothing vibrations of crystal singing bowls envelop you, bringing a sense of peace and harmony to your entire being.

60 min 1:1 Yoga + Sound - $80

60 min Yoga + Sound for 2 - $150

Tranquil Vibrations

Embrace tranquility and restore balance with soothing vibrations and harmonious tones. Let the gentle rhythms wash over you, bringing a sense of calm and peace to the mind and body.

60 min 1:1 Sound Journey - $60

60 min Sound Journey for 2 - $110

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