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Welcome to Lemuria Yoga where reality depends on your perspective to let yourself surrender to the moment. Just like the Lemurian crystal, we are reminded that we are all individuals with beautiful facets unique to ourselves. A sanctuary where you can come as you are no matter your level of yoga experience and expect to leave as the most powerful version of yourself. Glowing from the inside out is a part of Lumeria’s qualities that will be cultivated into your yoga experience and practice. The classes will engage your sense of self while strengthening your body and mind. My personal belief is that yoga is more than a pose, it’s the union of mind and body together with breath. I’ve discovered over the years that there are pillars in life that create a well balanced soul such as plant, physical, and soul nourishment. These pillars will blend together in a manner that will allow you to show up and shine your bright self. You will leave feeling alive and awakened.

      Nourish.        Connect.           Shine. 


What makes us different?
  • An intimate boutique style setting with 6 students and one instructor.

  • Minimalistic beauty, attention to detail.

  • Unique, beautiful amenities and props provided for all classes.

  • Curated music, essential oils and crystals.

  • Leaving class feeling confident, beautiful and awakened.

  • 60 min class for those looking for a complete relaxation.

  • 60 minute class designed to ease tension with breath and gentle movem...

  • 60 min class incorporating a harmonious blend and gentle stretches wit...

  • Private lesson customized to your specific practice.

  • Private class customized for you and your partner.

  • Customized class for up to 6 people

  • Get your ladies together for a yoga class! This experience can include...

  • 60min class for up to 15 people | 10 miles within GR downtown

Dawn Hamilton

Lemuria Founder and Yoga Teacher

I am a woman who has walked her journey breadcrumb by breadcrumb (gluten-free, of course). A carpal tunnel diagnosis and the pain that followed is what initially brought me to yoga. Avoiding surgery was my goal, and I did it by changing my lifestyle (after being misdiagnosed and also finding out I was Celiac). I focused on holistic health, including my yoga practice and plant-based nutrition. Now thriving twenty years later, I’m a certified raw food chef, health coach, and yoga instructor.

Over these years, I’ve rediscovered the beauty of women; their beauty, strength, and intelligence. I believe everyone can encompass their inner beauty, health, and wellness if they choose.


My gypsy, free-spirited soul has led me to where I am today. In my off time, you can find me with my family, hiking, glamping, gardening, or walking my dogs. Pretty much anything outdoors when the weather allows. I have great respect for nature, plants, crystals, beauty, and deep meaningful conversations with others. I hold gratitude for anyone or anything that makes me feel alive, and I am looking forward to having you on this journey with me.


Lesley Esse

Restorative Yoga Teacher

Lesley is a daydreamer effortlessly inspired by connection and creation. Growing up on a farm, she spent her childhood exploring the space between living connections and the earth. As an adult, nature influences her through art, spirituality, and play. Through her personal healing and teaching journey, she strives for the comfort of 'home' within ourselves...not so much about becoming, but remembering and accepting ourselves in our purest authenticity.


Lesley is certified through Yoga Alliance and completed her trauma-informed education at The Body Mind Being Institute. Off the mat, she is navigating and soaking in the beautiful chaos of being a boy mom. Lesley enjoys getting lost in an art piece, camping with her family and dogs, live music, and warm, cozy coffee visits with friends.

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